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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I keep hearing these little voices that say, "HEY - it's been since February that you haven't updated your blog." They just appear. Mostly from my good friend Lisa.

It's been a long stretch, this last month. I've turned into a weird science experiment. I have weekly ultrasounds because I'm now in some sort of "danger zone." My doctor said to me, "Oh, don't let that term bother you. It's mostly for insurance purposes so that we can monitor this weird fluid sac next to your baby."


So they've ruled out any problems with the placenta, and also that I don't have 2 uterine cavities. That second guess would have been kind of neat, because it was featured on Grey's Anatomy once. Oh, well. The most likely cause of this sac, and therefore intermittent bleeding, is because there may have been a twin at some point.


Despite the "danger zone," the baby looks good. And it likes to show off on camera, which is fun. It's out-growing most babies at this stage, so I'm hoping for a real fatty. With my first pregnancy, I was hoping for an Asian. But this time I don't prefer one race over another; I just would like to see one big fat baby.


Blogger breanne said...

Yay for new post!
And big fat baby boy!

8:56 PM  
Blogger CheyneD said...

"i was hoping for an asian"

and this is why i love you.

10:28 AM  

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