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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Remember how one time I wrote that my daughter figured out how to match the mood of the day with the type of music we should listen to? Of course you do, because you're avid readers.

This week? The Beach Boys. Everyday. Every. single. day. Sometimes twice a day.

It really is the very perfect 4-year old music: easy to dance to, easy to learn the words, simple concept. For most.

Adam and I recently discovered that even though our daughter is some sort of super-hero reader person, she has big lack of street smarts. When we went to the playground last week, she told me beforehand, "I bet I can find some really good girlfriends here!" And so she directly said to one little girl, "I bet you'd be a really good friend to me!" The little girl touched her arm and yelled, "GOOD! You're IT!" Meanwhile, Amaris slowly, happily, naivly crossed the bridge where the other kids were trying to escape her. And here we are yelling at the top of our lungs, "You have to RUN after them! You have to get her back! It's like chase, but where you GET people!"
Our only hope was to take her aside and explain step-by-step the rules of the game and gave her a full question-answer period. By the time she fully understood the ins and outs of Tag, the kids were on the swings.

After having listened to the Beach Boys for the 1000 millionth time since the CD was found in her easter basket, Amaris had to know exactly WHY the Beach Boy wanted Rhonda to get her out of his heart. "Do you mean that his heart was broken in half and spilled?" The conversation lasted about 15 minutes, included question after question, each one expecting a detailed account of the relationship between the Beach Boy and his ex-girlfriend. Just SING the song! It's not deep! It's fast! Just dance! Enjoy its simplicity!

I'm convinced that my next child will be lazy, not at all inquisitive, and will most likely occupy some future profession where he can hone his street smarts, such as a gambler, undercover agent, or thief. But at the same time as being very good looking and enjoying his role as a mama's boy.


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