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Monday, January 15, 2007

I don't read directions before I dive into a project. For my first week of the cake class I was signed up for, I made all of my frosting "thin" consistency, then had to add about a pound of powdered sugar to reach "stiff." Also, my teacher (who should also perform live in infomercials) directed us to make a one layer cake for this week's lesson. I made two. With a lemon filling.
Because I had no more "thin" icing, I couldn't add more to my crumb layer. I made lemon frosting to match my lemon-filled lemon cake, and then fucked the whole thing because I had to borrow my sister's vanilla frosting to finish the rest. I was afraid to use too much, so you can see part of my cake. I compensated with polkadots.
This week we learned how to make pretty, perfect, uniform stars. My icing started to melt from the warmth of my hands, so it's a good thing we're not graded on uniformity. I compensated with the writing. I really wanted to write, "Screw you, ununiform stars," but then remembered that my 4-year old can read.


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